Bumper Repair

To ensure accurate selection of the right parts for bumper repair on your pool table, it would be helpful to provide the specific type of bumper installed. The options include:
– K66
– K56
– U23

K66 is the standard rail used in most pool tables.
K56 is typically found in coin-operated pool tables.
U23 is the third most popular option, although it is rarely used.

If you have any further inquiries about finding the appropriate parts, please feel free to contact us at (314)370-8415

rail examp
rail lengths

Slate Repair

To ensure accurate replacement of the slate, please provide us with the measurements of the slate. Additionally, we will need a picture of the current slate from the ceiling to verify that the hole measurements align with the requirements for successful installation.

Pocket Repair

Knowing the type of pocket and its attachment method will help us determine the most suitable replacement pockets and the appropriate installation technique.

For any other repairs needed for your pool table, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. It would also be helpful to provide the make and model of the pool table, along with specific details related to the requested repair or restoration service.

This information will enable us to provide an accurate quote and ensure that we have the necessary parts and materials for the job.

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