Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Pool Table Need to be ReFelted?

Opting for re-felting a pool table when moving it is a good decision, as the existing felt is likely to have worn out due to usage. Given the uncertain history of the pool table, it is impossible to determine what could have come into contact with the felt from previous owners.

How Is a Pool Table Moved?

Assembling a pool table requires attention to detail, leveling, and measurement. It is essential to conduct proper research and understand the process thoroughly. The assembly itself can be a time-consuming task taking several hours. Find all the answers and guidance you need for successful pool table assembly here.

What areas are You In?

We specialize in servicing the St. Louis metropolitan area, with occasional trips to neighboring cities like Columbia and Springfield.

Do You Move any Other Things?

We will move cues and balls but anything else or bigger then that we may not be able to do. Let us know what needs to be moved and we should be able to tell what we can do.

How Much Time Does it Take to Assemble a Pool Table?

Normally it takes 3-4 Hours to assemble a pool table, with the bulk of time leveling the slates.

How Booked are you?

Our availability is typically scheduled 3-5 days in advance, but there might be a possibility to accommodate your request within that timeframe. We prioritize week day appointments to align with our clients’ schedules, but we also conduct weekend moves as needed.

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